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Find your right career

Finding the right career opportunity means finding meaning in what you do every day starts with.
Bring your talents and strengths to the ‘team LG’, and we encourage you to archive your goal in career and life.

What makes great
place to work?

Our ethical corporate culture is based on ‘Jeongdo’ which translates to ‘the right way’.
We provide the equal opportunities and treatment in every relationship we interact.

How we works,
Work culture
  • Internalizing the fulfillment of customer value
  • Forming a flat hierarchy through two-way communication
  • Encouraging the pursuit of novel and continuous innovation in the way we work
  • Happy employees and an enjoyable workplace

We care about your life at LG.
Your career to archive your goal, health and well-being for your life are also closely linked to the growth of the company.

Learn more about the top-rated benefits LG employees enjoy.

  • Medical
  • Employee Assistance Program
Work Life Balance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Flexible Time & Workplace
Financial Wellness
  • Health Insurance
  • House Loan Support
  • Tuition Assistance
Family Program
  • Pregnancies and Babies care
  • Parental Leave
  • Emotional Support & Care
Your growth
important to us

Our development initiatives enable you to build new skills, further our potential in our roles and shape the direction of our careers through a learning approach that synchronizes education with real-world experience.

  • On Boarding
  • Career Path
  • Performance
Bring your passions, Build together.

Bring your passion, talent, and thinking from outside the box.
We take initiatives and inspire one another.
With a great team, every challenges and opportunities becomes something for the future innovation

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